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Cloth open shelf


A wardrobe accessory made up of teakwood and matt polished. Can be placed in bedroom or living room. Easy to hang and organize daily usable cloths/ kids uniform and other accessories. This acts as a quick dressing solution for daily utility stuff. With the hanging unit, it consist of three cabinets where you can put your daily utility items like bags, socks, mask, handkerchief etc. This can also be put in your office cabin to get things organized.


Coat hanging stand


A coat stand made up of solid wood with a thick stand for your blazer. Its thick edges will make sure that the shoulders of your blazer doesn’t get wrinkled. With a space on top to place your mobile, watch or stand out accesories, this coat stand is a must in tour cabin and will stand out well in your bedroom. That’s not all its comes with 2 small drawers to suit your utility and a magazine/newspaper stand. We repeat it’s a must have in your office cabin.

Size : height 42 inch

Teak dressing unit with drawers


Wooden dressing unit which includes 2 pullout drawers and one storage cabin. Also consist of 3 shelves for placing your daily stuff. This elegant dressing unit gives you the beauty of beautifying you and the ease of organizing your daily essentials.

Material – Teakwood plywood with mica polish

Polish – PU matt

Color – Natural wood brown color

Height – 72 inch

Width  – 30 inch

Depth – 20 inch