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LCD wooden unit

Wooden LCD unit for living room made up of pure teakwood, polished in PU matte finish. Can be customized as per your space.


Total height-10 feet

Total width-7 feet

Cabinet height-2 feet

Cabinet width-7 feet

Total depth-18 inch

Color:Brown and white

LCD wooden unit for living room

Wooden LCD unit customized as per your interior needs, easy to install, material used is teakwood, polish matt finish.

You can let us know your design and available size for your LCD unit, and we will customize it whole for you.

Sunmica finish LCD unit

Sunmica finish LCD wooden unit with cabinet for living room or dinning room.


Total height-10 feet

Total width-8 feet

Deepth-18 inch

Cabinet height-3 feet

Cabinet width-8 feet

Cabinet deepth-18 inch